Head Affair: Squaretop vs. Pinhead Mainsail

28 Feb 16:16

The German sailing magazin YACHT published an article in collaboration with SAPHIRE to compare the classical pinhead with the squaretop mainsail on almost identical yachts. I have now translated this article into English language to share my experiences with this new generation of sails. Read on...

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Masthead Code 0 (MH0) on a Saphire 27

07 Feb 14:43

What is the use of a Code 0 and which type is best suitable? The following report shows my experiences on Serafina III with two different types of code 0 and an A5 reacher. Read on...

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Another exciting year almost passed - have a look at our 2017!

08 Dec 16:12

If you want to learn more about our experiences in 2017 for topics like:

- Customer coaching
- Shift in Production from Delpia to Gabmar
- Silverrudder Challenge of the Sea,

then have a look at our blog for 2017 and continue reading...

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Saphire Customer Coaching with Oliver Ochse on lake Lucerne

31 May 16:34

From 25th to 28th May 2017 Saphire held an owner's coaching on Urnersee - the best termic area in the heart of Switzerland. The coaching fell into a dreamlike period of sun and wind...

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What a fantastic year 2016!

23 Dec 10:18

Have a look back to what a great year we spent in 2016 with Saphire! So much fun, action and pleasure - become part of it in 2017.

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Performance comparison Saphire 27 CRUISE vs. SPORT

29 Aug 15:40

People keep asking me about the sailing performance of the CRUISE version compared to the SPORT version. So much upfront: she is fast, very fast! After extensive test sailing and different comparisons I am ready to deliver the requested information in this report.

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Assisted single handed sailing on a Saphire 27

03 Aug 11:14

Deckchute, tiller pilote and instruments can facilitate single handed sailing a lot. But it needs training. Read about my experiences on a Saphire 27 with the new toolbox...

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Why SAPHIRE CRUISE not a classical Performance-Cruiser is:

18 Jul 21:00

Most of the sailors just like to sail without efforts and enjoy the moments, possibly being faster than their neighbours. For this, their boat should be safe and provide a lot of space for the crew. CRUISE stands as a synonym for fun and safety in connection with Saphire. Read more...

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New „SAPHIRE 27 CRUISE“ Version

20 May 12:13

See the new Saphire Cruise Version Category CE B, fast and easy to handle, powerfull and fun!

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